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Subscription Services- Ipsy October Review

Let me tell you the ways that I loved this months Ipsy!!
The bag was teal. Really for those that know me, that sentence is enough to know I would fall in love with this months selection:) But the bag was not the only winner in this month's selection!  I am loving almost in all but one thing!  I must say that each month just gets better and better.  Paying attention to your quiz and answering it as closely as possible is making a huge difference for me:)

Now that is not to say that there was other products I was really wanting and I was bummed when I did not get them. BUT after trying the products I got I was more than pleasantly surprised for all but one of them.
Really though doesn't this bag just get prettier in each picture and the packaging of this month's products was on point!
The first product to talk about is this exfoliating below.  It was quite good, but I can't use it frequently because it is not ideal for sensitive skin.  If I did not have sensitive skin I would be 100% enthusiastic about this product.  As it is though, I am maybe 70% enthusiastic.  I like the light scent, how my skin looked (minus redness that lasted a while) and the feel of my skin after using it.
This Doll 10 highlighter is great if you are more of a natural look makeup type individual.  My go to look is the natural no make up make up look.  This also can work for those who like the drama of highlighters though because it is quite buildable.  A fantastic 100% enjoy and two lipsticks for me and Doll 10!!

The next product is this hand cream and I am not a fan.  The smell is muddled, the softness/moisture did not stay on my hands for long.  I did enjoy the packaging and the chance to try a new brand, but I was sadly disappointed with the effect that it had on my hands.
Then I tried this gem of a product and love is not even strong enough for how much I enjoyed this product.  The packaging was basic and at first difficult to get the shadow out, but the product has little to none fall out, amazing pigment and looks fantastic.  It also did not give me any creasing and was a solid color all day long.  I have a picture of a color swatch below.
The final product was my complete and utter favorite.  It was a pure nudey pink and had fantastic staying power.  I got compliments whenever I wore it, had very hydrated lips and did not have to incessantly re-apply it.  Truly a winner.  I will 100% re-purchase this product when I finish this sample:)  I have a color swatch below.  My hand still has the eye shadow swatch on it for a repeat viewing if you so desire!:)-

I have received three Ipsy bags and each month continues to get better.  I cannot wait to get next months bag and explore more goodies!  I truly enjoy this subscription service and think others will as well!

As I mentioned last month they have easy ways to earn points which add up to getting your more products for FREE!! Who doesn't love getting something based off points and not cash? 

If you are interested please check out Ipsy via this link Here

 I do not receive money for you checking Ipsy out via my link, I do receive points though if you sign up for a bag via my link.  Also, I was not paid nor did I receive anything for providing this review of my Ipsy subscription.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular- movies

Scary good but so bad! I have some Halloween movies that I love which are not scary..but this list will also include some scary ones! For entertainment purposes I am posting a loved song or scene from the below movies!!!

Jeepers Creepers
Rocky Horrow Picture Show
Pet Cemetery 
Hocus Pocus
Nightmare before Christmas

October Favorites

This is just a post to reflect and share a few items that I have been enjoying this month.  Items are varied, some have already been on a blog and all have been fantastic!

Deacon by Kristen Ashley
Full Review HERE
Festive in Death by J.D. Robb
NYX Chunkie Dunk Hydrating Lippie

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Meghan Trainor, All About that Bass

Frankie Ballard, Sunshine & Whiskey

Enrique Iglesias, Bailando

Carrie Underwood, Something in the Water

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip

Chebe Cheese Rolls- Gluten Free
So amazingly delicious.  They are crunchy but gooey..I don't know how but I know my family and I love having these!

What have your favorites been this month?  Let me know so I can try them out:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular- Food & Decor

Sit down and enjoy a little trick or treat:)  Ways to trick out your house this Halloween and fall or ways to create some spooky treats for yourself, family or friends!

Home Decor Haul by Danna Ann (Halloween items start around the 9 minute mark)
Halloween Inspired Treats by Alexandrea Garza
DIY Fall & Halloween Room Decor

Do you decorate for Fall and Halloween or just one?  Please let me know how you decorate and I would love to see some pictures!!  Only 2 more days till All Hallows Eve:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular- Music

Any holiday is known for many reasons, the history, the decorations, the music, the gifts, the parties etc.  For Halloween it is the all of the above and each has some spectacular standouts.  Below are some songs that always come to mind and must be played in my house when I think of or am enjoying Halloween!
Come Little Children, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hocus Pocus
Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett
This is Halloween, Nightmare before Christmas
Rockwell, Somebody's Watching Me
I Put a Spell on You, Hocus Pocus
The one..the only...Thriller by Michael Jackson

Are these are on your favorite Halloween playlist?  What other songs do you consider truly Halloween-centric?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular- Costumes

Costumes can be so tricky or time consuming, but they are always so glorious to discover and provide entertainment with shock and awe to friends, neighbors and others.  Below are some of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus with their Halloween suggestions (with or without an additional costume.  Enjoy the creativity and let me know if you utilize any of these costumes!
Queen of Hearts by Nicole Guerriero
Sexy Vamp by Carli Byble
Mesmerizing Mermaid by Alli
Little Red Rotting Hood by Nicole Guerriero
CleoCatra by Chrisspy
Killer Clown Couple by Nicole Guerriero
Breakfast at Zombie's by Michelle Phan
Last minute Halloween costume ideas by missglamorazzi

Some of these are too much for me to personally try to rock, but how amazing do these ladies look in their makeup and costumes?  The creativity, the artistry, the skill just blow my mind. Inspiring for sure:)

Please let me know what look or costume you decide to enjoy this Halloween!!

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, Book Review

Book Summary: (Per the Author's website)
Dr. Emory Charbonneau, a pediatrician and marathon runner, disappears on a mountain road in North Carolina. By the time her husband Jeff, miffed over a recent argument, reports her missing, the trail has grown cold. Literally. Fog and ice encapsulate the mountainous wilderness and paralyze the search for her.

While police suspect Jeff of “instant divorce,” Emory, suffering from an unexplained head injury, regains consciousness and finds herself the captive of a man whose violent past is so dark that he won’t even tell her his name. She’s determined to escape him, and willing to take any risks necessary to survive.

Unexpectedly, however, the two have a dangerous encounter with people who adhere to a code of justice all their own. At the center of the dispute is a desperate young woman whom Emory can’t turn her back on, even if it means breaking the law.

As her husband’s deception is revealed, and the FBI closes in on her captor, Emory begins to wonder if the man with no name is, in fact, her rescuer.

My Thoughts:
I am not the biggest fan of Sandra Brown when it comes to the romance genre, but I am a huge fan when it comes to her thriller and crime novels.  I love the dialogue, the never exactly knowing what is going to happen, the twisty turns that can and do take place, etc.  They capture my attention and I truly do not want to put down the book until I am finished.

This book, Mean Streak, was no different.  From the beginning we had a strong lead character, who is independent and trying to save herself.  I think Dr. Emory may be one of my favorite female characters that I have read in a while.  She is compassionate, professional, strong and still wanting to find a way to keep her family safe, healthy and loved.  As the story progresses these traits are amply demonstrated and clearly shown as indicative of her true nature.

However my favorite part of this book is that it is a true "who done it."  Every scene there is a new hint and new ahh ha I got it!  Then the next words will shred that entirely to pieces.  Is it the stranger, the husband, a friend, someone else?  SB will have you guessing from page to page to page until the very end.  I thought I figured it out, then a scene threw me and I was feeling sheepish because it clearly could not be who I thought it only find out that YES..I had been right!! (for all of two pages)

Memorable Quotations

"His calm admission rendered her speechless."

"I appreciate the gesture.  Truly. To say nothing of the view.. . . "but I'm not into sex with a martyr."

"Wanting to smile, needing to weep, she leaned forward and nestled her head against his neck."

“If you wanted to kill me, why haven't you smothered me in my sleep?" "No sport in that." She gestured towards the ceiling. "Can I expect to be strung up on that bar and gutted like a deer?" He looked up at the bar and frowned. "Too much sport. Lots of heave-hoeing. Big mess to clean up after. Instead, why don't you just drink the poison-laced whiskey?" He extended the glass toward her again and when she didn't move he said, "No? Okay then." He shot the drink. She might not want the edge taken off but he sure as hell did."

"To summarize, Jeff was a louse, but he was my louse.  At least he was until I made the mistake of introducing him to you."

"The carnival atmosphere at the finish line receded, leaving nothing in the spectrum of her senses except his voice, his face, and the remarkable eyes, that were as always, steady on her."

"You'll soon be eating those words." . . .'You're reputed to be a do-gooder.  Here's your chance to do some good."

"You never told me your name."
"That's right,"..."And I won't."

"Dealing with your little escapade has kept me busy.  I've hardly had time to think about her, much less screw her."

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Links to Purchase this Book:
Barnes & Noble

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Halloween Spooktacular- a week of goblins, decor, and more

I hate being scared, am super jumpy, butttttt I love, yes LOVE, Halloween.  Starting on Monday I am going to post a topic solely about Halloween. It might be costumes, movies, decor, music, history.

So hold on tight, enjoy the sights and have a ghoulishly delightful Halloween 

Sight Unseen by Iris Johansen, Book Review

Book Summary: (Per the Author's Website)
A deadly multi-vehicle pile-up on San Diego’s historic Cabrillo bridge is thought of as a horrific accident–until Kendra Michaels arrives on the scene and perceives it as something much more sinister.  Blind for decades and now sighted, Kendra's highly developed skill for observation is highly sought after by both the FBI and CIA. Now her amazing conclusions open up a multi-jurisdictional investigation that once again teams her with the FBI and federal agent Adam Lynch.  Soon Kendra makes a chilling realization: the serial killer's murders are patterned after Kendra's own most famous cases. As the killer ensnares her in his deadly web, Kendra’s life hangs in the balance, as do the lives of those she holds most dear.

My Thoughts:
I am a huge Iris Johansen fan, especially the Eve Duncan series.  When Kendra Michaels was introduced into that series I was ensnared in her story line and was hoping to see her character develop more.

What I love about her writing style is that I never see exactly what is going to happen or who it will be.   I will get little hints where I am like I know who it is and then promptly feel that I must be wrong because of what is on the next scene.  IJ is an artist when it comes to painting pictures, drawing characters into life and building connections between the story and the reader.  I found myself tensing up with dread during some scenes, moved to clinching my fists and whispering "oh no" at some points, laughing at the absurdity of other scenes and sighing with relief or joy during other dialogue.

The tie ins to her previous appearances and with other characters was simply put...fantastic.  To see how her relationships have evolved (or stayed stagnant) was delicious.  I enjoy the way that IJ builds romance, friendship, love, loyalty, etc. among her characters as the background of the story while also ensuring that us readers thrive off of how each character and their situation is doing during and between stories.

At the end of the book I was thrilled to see how it ended, but still left a cliffhanger.  This book, like all her Eve Duncan books, was a huge success and kept me waiting for the next book in the series and rethinking the story for any clues or signs that I might have missed which could lead to the next storyline.  Also, as always, it left me wondering if there are truly people like Kendra out there and if so how must it be for them to sense, see and know so many things just from their observations!

Memorable Quotations:
"No. Not finished."..."Watch me. I'm just beginning."

"Dammit, being with Lynch was like riding a seesaw that pitched and changed with every second."

"She hurtled forward and found herself flat on her stomach. And face-to-face with a young woman's corpse. Kendra grabbed the corpse's shoulders and rolled over with it, intertwining her arms and legs with those of the decaying bodies on the canyon floor.  Kendra fought her gag reflex as the odor flooded her nasal passages."

"I say that you're the smartest woman I know, but I hope to hell you're wrong."

"It appears someone is re-creating your greatest hits, Dr. Michaels."
"Delicately put as always, Griffin."
"We both know there's nothing delicate about me.  Someone is taunting you, Dr. Michaels. It's no accident that they're doing it in your own backyard."

"Good God, are you still driving that ostentatious piece of junk?". . . "Did it ever occur to you that most men don't require that kind of ego building?"
"I don't either, but I love great pieces of machinery, and I'm willing to pay for them.". . ."Bad night?"
"Rotton. But I'd still think this luxury cruiser was unnecessary if I'd slept like a baby."
"But you wouldn't be so rude as to tell me so.". . ."Correction. You probably would. What was I thinking."

Important Links:

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Barnes & Noble

Have you read this book? Are you now moved to read this story and get enthralled by Kendra Michaels? Let me know what you thought!

I was not given this book for a review, I merely am an avid reader and enjoy reading Iris Johansen's books.

Sunday Scripture

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Afternoon dance party

Who doesn't want to take a break and enjoy an afternoon dance party or jam session?

Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariane Grande & Nicki Minaj
Adios by Ricky Martin
Day Drinking by Little Big Town
Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake
Sunshine & Whiskey by Frankie Ballard

Happy by Pharell Williams 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Cuteness-Chihuahua Edition

"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them. ~ John Grogan

My girls, my heart, my snugglebugs

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Of the Day- Lippie

I was watching CoffeeBreakwithDani's Youtube channel yesterday (if you haven't checked it out good and informative!) and she talked about rocking a brown lip.  I had never thought about it, but when I woke up today it was all I could think of and shocker I had a some lippies in the brown family (winner winner chicken dinner!!!)

Products I Used:
Julep in Awestruck on the middle of the lip

What I Thought:
I loved the products as a whole and individually, but it was more bronze then brown.  I enjoyed the way it stayed on my lips and did not feather or bleed even without a lip liner.  So for the look I achieved, I would say the products were a success, but in terms of achieving a good brown lippie I still have some more work to achieve.

Have your rocked a brown lip before?  If so what are your favorite lip products?

Festive in Death by J.D. Robb, Book Review

Book Summary: (Per the author's website)
Personal trainer Trey Ziegler was in peak physical condition. If you didn't count the kitchen knife in his well-toned chest.
Lieutenant Eve Dallas soon discovers a lineup of women who'd been loved and left by the narcissistic gym rat.  While Dallas sorts through the list of Ziegler's enemies, she's also dealing with her Christmas shopping list- plus the guest list for her and her billionaire husband's upcoming holiday bash.
Feeling less than festive, Dallas tries to put aside her distaste for the victim and solve the mystery of his death. There are just a few investigating left before Christmas, and as New Year's 2061 approaches, this homicide cop is resolved to stop a cold-blooded killer.

My Thoughts
As a standalone book or as part of a series this is a 5 star book.  J.D. has developed the characters and their relationships even more in this book in what her readers can only see as a natural progression. The details, one liners, laugh out loud moments and poignant scenes were as readily available as normal.  Additionally her attention to detail and maintaining the police procedure, thoughts and by plays; as well as, the personal relationships were on point.  All scenes in this story felt as though I could see it happening in real life or a cinema screen.

The In Death series takes place in the future and mainly in New York City, though they do travel to other cities and planets (again this series takes place in the future).  This series follows Eve Dallas, the main character, as she goes from a solo act to having a husband and select crew that are always on hand to help solve serious crimes in their grand city.  The story also follows Eve as she continues to grow into understanding and having personal relationships.  The humor is evident in the beginning of the very first story as her love interest is a thief (former) and her best friend is a grift artist (former).

This book was somewhat different from the others in this series because it seemed the focus was on Eve's relationship rather than the crime in this book.  To me, at least, the other books had their relationships visible and as a crucial part of the storyline, but not the headliner of the story.  This time though, I was more involved in wondering what presents happened, the joy and interplay between characters, the details of the party, etc. then I was about who the murderer was (which might be why I thought it was apparent who the murderer was very soon in the book.)

With that being said, in case my review didn't show it enough, this is definitely one of the top favorite In Death books for me!  If you are looking to fall in love with characters, root for their successes, laugh over the jokes and stories, grimace when certain situations arise, feel sorrow for them when they suffer and embark on a series where you will enjoy seeing the characters and their relationships evolve this book, series and author is for you!

    Memorable Quotations
A banner hung over the break-room door, facing out so any who came in would see the sentiment:


“Eve bit into some bacon -- honestly, good sex, a hot shower, then bacon? Did a morning get any better?” 

“Just shut your mouth, you ignorant twat."
"Aw, Dallas, he called me a twat. How come you get to be a bitch, but I only get to be a twat."
"It's the rank," Eve told her. "You'll make bitch one day." 
"Thanks. That means a lot to me.

"You get stunned or stuck or blasted, it's pretty damned inconvenient for me." On Peabody's watery laugh, Eve sighed. "You're That's it."

“Well, stop it or . . . Crap, is that Drunk Santa currently mooning passing traffic?”
“Wow, that’s some ugly ass he’s got there. It is Drunk Santa. Oh, please, do we have to stop? Think of the smell. Fear it.”
“We can’t leave that ugly ass hanging out on Ninth Avenue.” Resigned, Eve started to pull over, then spotted two hustling beat cops. Pitying them, she kept going.
“It’s a Christmas miracle,” Peabody said, reverently.” 

"You don't like me yet, but you will..  I'll grow on you."
"What? Like mold?"
DeWinter threw back her head and laughed, full and throaty. "Possibly, and I suspect you might do the same on me because I don't like you yet, either. We'll see. What I do know, absolutely, is you're his friend.  You're Li's good, strong friend.  I can promise you I'm his friend. So that's a beginning.

"And it appears to me she's just given you a celebrational way of saying kiss my ass.  It's you, darling. Absolutely you."

"Holy pink magic shit, Dallas."
Important Links

Links to Purchase the Book

I was not paid to review this book.  I purchased this book on my own as I am an avid reader and love J.D. Robb's books!

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The Autoimmune Summit (it's a FREE, online event!)

Learn how to prevent and reverse autoimmune disease at the world’s first free online summit all about autoimmunity! Nearly 40 experts in the fields of Functional Medicine, nutrition, and autoimmune disease will explain how leaky gut, genetics, and environmental triggers such as toxins, food sensitivities, infections, and stress all play a part in the development of autoimmune disease.
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The Autoimmune Summit is online and FREE from November 10­-17, 2014!
Here are a few of the incredible presenters:
  • Mark Hyman, MD, A Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmunity
  • David Brady, DC, ND, The Role of Infections in Autoimmunity
  • Alejandro Junger, MD, How to Detox in the Modern World
  • Jeffrey Smith, GMOs and Their Role in Leaky Gut, Inflammation, and Autoimmunity
  • Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, The Problem with Grains and Legumes in Those with Autoimmunity
  • Stuart Nunnally, DDS, A Biological Dentist’s View of Autoimmunity
  • Jeff Bland, PhD, Why Autoimmune Disease is Not “Being Allergic to Yourself”a
With nearly 40 expert presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for you or someone important to your life!
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  • Dan Pardi, Sleep is More Important Than You Think. Here’s Why.
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