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When Sparks Fly (First Responders Book #1) by J.A. Essen, Book Review & Blog Tour

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Title: When Sparks Fly (First-Responders #1)
Author: J.A. Essen
Genre: Erotica Menage
Release Date: September 1, 2016
The First-Responders is a contemporary romance, novella series. Each book will be able to be read as a standalone. Book 1 is about Macy, a graduate student and soon to be elementary school teacher, and Seth, a firefighter.
Macy has had a rough go of it with boyfriends lately. "Bad luck or no luck at all" seems to be her constant go-to phrase. Seth is a firefighter at a Santa Barbara sub station, and is pretty much the Greek god Adonis come-to-life in Macy's eyes. The question is, though, how to get him to notice her. There is an electric current in the air from the first moment they meet. Seth is a perfect gentleman and Macy, as always, falls hard... both figuratively and literally. But it doesn't take long for things to start falling apart. Unexpected surprises lead her down a road she had never even considered. Macy has a decision to make once her rose-colored glasses have been removed. Will she, or won't she? Sparks are definitely going to fly!

My Thoughts
Unexpected surprises...yup that is a very VERY accurate term! haha I did not see the surprises coming, but they added a new element to this romance that was quite entertaining and added to the story-line.  I thought this book was well-written, flowed nicely and had great character development.

There were some laugh out loud parts for me, shocked parts for me, super sweet/romantic parts for me and quite a few #friendshipgoals parts for me.  The book definitely has quite a few sex scenes, so for those who avoid those be aware.  

Macy is a hoot and Seth is somewhat oblivious in my mind, but I love them together.  On a random note, this book has my favorite car in it haha..I saw Seth had a Hummer and I was like yassss! My favorite part of Macy's character was reading her internal dialogue! Seeing their relationship from start to where the book ended was fantastic and very engaging. While the story focuses on their relationship, other characters are very well developed and captivating as well!  The openness and conversations between Macy and Rachel are spot on for close friends and so fun/funny to read!! 

Several other firefighters were introduced and I hope to see them again as the series progresses and.  I do wish the ending had been extended a bit more because I felt it jumped from one phase of a relationship to the next very quickly.  Overall I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more in this series.

Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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I ride right up next to Seth and put it in park. He’s standing out in front of the Hummer, playing something on his phone when we drive up. Walking around to open up the door for me, I notice he’s wearing black and red board shorts that are riding ridiculously low on his hips. His head is topped with a matching DC ball cap. I’m biting my bottom lip so hard, I taste a faint hint of blood. “Good morning, Macy.” He takes my hand as I jump down out of the Jeep. “Hey, Seth,” I say meekly. “This is my friend Rachel that was blabbering in the background when you called the other night.” He nods his head. “Nice to meet you.” I walk around to the back and open the rear gate. “Let me get that for you gals,” he’s quick to add as he grabs the cooler. We each grab our tote bags containing towels, sunscreen, and what not. “Got a favorite spot?” Seth looks around. “Actually, over by that stack of driftwood is great!” Rachel puts her two-cents worth in. “Close enough so you can keep an eye on the lifeguard stand, huh?” I lean over and whisper to her. She smirks at me. “I’m going to rent one of those big ass umbrellas. Join you guys in a minute.” My eyes bug out when I realize she’s abandoning me. “So, how’s your leg feeling? I don’t see any signs of a limp.” “Fine actually.” We set our little area up while we wait for Rachel. Towels out, cooler open, music on. “Mind if I take a look?” Seth motions for me to come in front of him. I stand up, blushing a little as I start to take the wrap off. It kind of feels a little like stripping in front of this gorgeous specimen of a man. I take a half-step forward with my left leg and put it at a slight bend in between his legs. He begins to run his fingers around the edges of the abrasions on my calf, applying light pressure. The combination of the tingles his fingertips are creating and the slight pain of the pressure on the bruising is erotically blissful. Seth switches to his thumbs as he continues to trace the larger portion of the injury, past my knee, up onto my lower thigh. I can feel my body start to waver under his touch, and the tingle between my thighs is starting. I don’t even realize it until I hear Rachel say, “You two need a moment alone?” but my head is lolled back, and my tongue is tracing a line on my upper teeth. I turn beet red and try to pull my leg back, but Seth locks his fingers behind my thigh and keeps it in place. “Almost done.” He places his wide hand over the bulk of the scabbed-over scrape. “Good, no heat. Everything seems to be healing perfectly. Keep up with the Bacitracin and the scarring should be minimal.” Once he releases my leg, I grab the wrap and throw it back around my waist before I take a seat. “So Seth, how long have you been at the fire department? What did you do before that?” Rachel nudges me, as she gets the interrogationrolling. “I’ve been with the SBFD for three years now. I’m the Medical Services Battalion Chief. Before that, I served two tours in the Middle East as a Fire Protection Specialist onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.” My jaw drops again. A Firefighter and ex-military. Mmm. So much potential.  
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About The Author
I’m 35 and live in Texas where I run a restaurant 5 days a week. I have been married to my amazing wife for going on 12 years and have two great little boys who keep us on our toes. I started writing last year after my wife, Author Marie James, had been doing so for a year. I enjoyed writing short stories in middle school and high school, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. After reading her books, along with three of my other favorite authors, MNever, CJ Roberts, and JA Huss, I began writing romance and erotica. I have a total of 12 novellas planned right now in 4 different series. Some Rom-Com, some sports romance, and definitely some KINK! Just a heads up when reading though: Be sure to like my Facebook page ( ) to keep up-to-date on all your ESSEN-tial reading needs.
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5 days Greensboro..GFAF Wellness Event is headed your way!!

Back in December 2015 I posted about how excited I was to see the GFAF Wellness Event schedule for 2016.  Partly because Charlotte and Raleigh NC were present again, but what got the squeal is that my hometown, Greensboro NC was listed!!  That's right for the first time GFAF Wellness event is going to be Greensboro, NC and I can't wait!

I enjoy this event tremendously because I learn something new each time, meet more and more fantastic vendors, can try things out in a safe zone with people who are knowledgeable about multiple allergies and it is just plain fun!  I have taken friends and family with me who do not follow a gluten free lifestyle and I have had people win tickets who have gone and they all have talked about how much fun it was AND how good the samples were haha!!

So, as my title said, in 5 days..aka Saturday this event will be in Greensboro, NC.   Below I have all the details listed as well as links to the webpages or Facebook pages that you can follow for more tips, tricks and extra giveaways!

Event Specifics~

Date~ September 10, 2016 (so close!)
Time~ 10am - 3pm
Location~ Clarion Hotel Airport (soon to be Wyndham Hotel)
Address~ 415 S. Swing Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409
Cost~ $10, or free for children under 13
Ticket purchasing~ Can buy online here or at the door
There is always a line of some sort at this event so I 1) recommend you pre-register on the website and/or 2)get there early so that you do not have to stand in line!

Social Media sites

Vendors & Presenters
**There are too many vendors and presenters to list them all, but I wanted to showcase a few that have been my favorite at other events and/or that I am very excited to meet!

First up is a presenter and a vendor and that is Rodger Lenhardt of Norms Farms.  This company has amazing products and I enjoy talking with him at each event I have gone to!  He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about elderberry's and their multiple uses.  I look forward to hearing what he covers in his presentation! 

Next is Aleia's Gluten Free Foods...I love their products!  I first met them at the Charlotte, NC event this year and tried several of their treats and bought quite a bit more!  I also brought home their breadcrumbs and those are lifesavers.  I have used them on quite a few dishes and it cooks amazingly!  I posted a review about it earlier this year so check it out for more of my thoughts:)-

I am always excited to see Enjoy Life Foods at gluten free events!  They are so knowledgeable and friendly.  Plus their food is amazing and they have been incredibly helpful in figuring out the best places for someone who lives in a small town to find the products that I want:)

I have never had, but am extremely excited to try, the Honkey Tonk Smokehouse food!  The pictures and descriptions sound beyond yummy in my tummy:)-

I recently have started buying local honey, so I am so happy to see that the Guilford County Beekeepers Association will be there!  I am sure I have more than a few questions for them:)

Tips and Tricks~
Lastly a few things I wanted to share from my other events!
1) wear comfortable shoes!
2) bring a bag to put samples, products you buy, etc.
3) bring a bottle of water (this event gets crowded and that can be a lifesaver!)
4) be prepared to try all types of yummies and ask questions!  The vendors are here to talk with us and are ready to answer all your concerns and questions:)
5) have fun!!

Hope to see y'all there!!

Until my next y'all!!

Stark September by CD Bradley, Sale Blitz and Info

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Sometimes it only takes a moment for your whole world to change. When Captain Kira Riley begins working on base at Fort Carson, she thinks she will be paying back her debt and escape her past. However just as she tries to focus on the mission at hand her path violently collides with the one man who could unearth every wall she has ever built.
Kira had struggled for years to make it to this moment. Finally a physician! But for those from meager backgrounds dreams come at a price. In order to pay for school she would have to serve in the military for 4 years. Just being on base brings back a lifetime of painful memories. Kira has to focus, pull up her big girl panties and make this work. One problem, she never anticipated meeting Owen Stark, a Special Forces sergeant who lives by a strict code. Though Kira tries to avoid any thoughts of this rugged stranger, fate has other plans. After a steamy and awkward physical exam Kira is left breathless and shaken. She has no intention of ever putting herself in a vulnerable situation again yet this soldier stirs feelings she didn’t know she had. Beyond fraternization, Kira will have to overcome; a slew of crazy exes, the grips of a BDSM subculture, and jail to find out who Owen Stark really is.
Stark is intrigued from their first encounter but his world is set. After a decade of service to avenge past tragedy, his team was all he needed, until he met her. Her determination, wit and gentle charm captivate him. Now he must choose between the existence he has built and a chance to really live again. Separated by their ranks she is the one woman he can never have. He knows being caught will end both of their careers. Aside from that if he gets too close she will learn about his life before the military or worse how he has spent his free time for the last decade. He knows he should just walk away, but one look in those innocent eyes, and the world stops spinning. Some risks are worth taking even if you lose everything.
Relax (1)
rose-1201291_1920 (1)
CD Bradley PIC
I’m just a girl who likes to daydream. Sometimes I write them down to share. Even as a little girl teachers would tell my parents I live in a world of my own. The literary world was my safe haven. Then we grow up. I practiced medicine in the ER and urgent care for the last 15 years. I started writing again while still working in the ER but put it aside when we opened our own clinic. Until last year my husband and I owned our own practice, we had two children and lived a somewhat normal life. Then in the span of a year we sold our practice, bought a 96 acre farm in the hills of West Virginia and adopted 3 of our patients ( ages 2,3,4) bringing our kid count up to five. It has been a crazy year full of ups and downs and learning to laugh at ourselves. Being mostly brought up in the city, managing a working farm with real farm creatures and ever lurking bears has been an adventure. Not to mention adjusting to being a mom of FIVE. But when things are rough I just laugh and tell stories. Because at the end of the day sometime laughter and love is all you have. Somewhere in the midst of kids and chickens, I managed to finish my first novel and dive deeply into the second. Writing at night or early in the morning while all the littles are asleep lets me escape into another world. I hope that you will enjoy the journey of the story as much as I have writing it. Pursue your dreams as if limits to your abilities do not exist.
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Constellation by Jennifer Locklear, Cover Reveal

Title: Constellation
Author: Jennifer Locklear
Designer: Jada D'Lee Designs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 20
She's intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally numb.
He's older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.

Up-and-coming executive, Kathleen Brighton is ready to launch her family's firm into the next level of success. Polished and professional on the outside, Kathleen's personal life is a source of constant struggle and letdown. But after one night alone with Jack Evans, her sexy new colleague, her life takes a turn toward erotic intensity.

Torn between her instinct to guard herself and her irresistible desire for Jack, Kathleen has only known heartache. And when she finds herself in the middle of a shattering personal crisis, she must trust fragile and uncertain bonds to survive. Will Kathleen conquer the demons of her past to find a future worth fighting for?

Constellation Promo

About the Author
Jennifer Locklear lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. She married her high school sweetheart, Morgan, in 1995. She is the mother of two children, a son and daughter.

Jennifer enjoyed creative writing as an adolescent, but set aside her favorite hobby to concentrate on college studies, career and family. In 2010, she rediscovered her passion for writing when her husband recruited her to edit his own stories. They co-authored and published their debut novel, Exposure, in 2014.

Since 2000, Jennifer has been employed in fundraising and development for a non-profit organization. She has been a contributing reviewer for the “Bookish Temptations” book blog and is a founding moderator of “Argyle Empire,” an approved fan site for author Sylvain Reynard.

She also enjoys participating in charitable activities, both locally and online.
Constellation is Jennifer’s first solo novel.


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