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Books I can and do read more than once
Many times I get you ever read books more than once?  My answer..depending on the book certainly!  So I thought I would share some of the books that I personally enjoy enough to read more than once:)  If you have some that aren't on my list please let me know!

Re-read entire book
In Death series by JD Robb
Eve Duncan series (and friends) by Iris Johansen
Harry Potter series
Anything by Kristen Ashley
FBI series by Catherine Coulter
BackFire by Keri Lake
Mob series by Roxie Rivera
Havoc, Slay, & Revive by Nina Levine
Cerberus MC series by Marie James

Re-read certain scenes
Twilight Series
Hook & Ladder 69 (Anthology)
Anything by Meredith Wild
Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
Anything by Laurell K. Hamilton
The rest of Nina Levine's books:)-

Book Series I follow
Iris Johansen- She is an amazing..I do mean  She has the Eve Duncan series, which I am obsessed with, but she also has romance novels that are pretty fantastic.  I read her books before I found the Eve Duncan series, but the Eve books is what made me a fan.  Eve is just special, her world, her backstory, her group of friends and their stories...just the way that Iris writes about them you feel that you know them and even are a part of them.  Each book can be read alone, but if you read the Eve books in order the story carries even more of a punch.

Janet EvanovichAuthor of the Stephanie Plum series!!  I love love LOVE these books.  Rarely do I laugh out loud when I am reading something, but these books I will be laughing and crying out loud they are so humorous.  She has a Stephanie Plum book released on a regular basis so even when you have read all of the books it is not too long of a wait before the next one is released!

JD Robb~ Author of the Eve Dallas books.  Which I think are the best books EVER.  Each book can stand alone, but as a series they are just a knockout that draws you into the case and world of all of the characters.  I truly believe this is a series where everyone wants to be at least one if not several of the characters and would gladly spend a day in their shoes!  Perfection.

Kristen Ashley- No exaggeration, she is tied as my favorite author with JD Robb.  You get a full experience with her books, some romance, humor, drama, suspense and action is in all of her books.  She has several different series and they all ROCK.  She routinely features sales where the books are .99 so that you can jump in and enjoy.  She also has books that are standalone and fit into different genres..even Sci-fi! As an additional bonus This author puts the recipes and other fun facts from her book on the website.  Plus if you Facebook or email her you get a very quick response! Can you tell I enjoy this authors writing! Pure Perfection.

Laurell K. Hamilton- Author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series.  Both are so unique and so good.  Both series are in the realm of paranormal, romance with action and erotica.  Every book I have read in the two series is incredible and can be enjoyed on its own, but if you read them in order the information and background knowledge increases the richness of the worlds and stories even more.

Nicholas Sparks- This author had me at the first book.  I refused to read his books for a long time because everyone said they were so emotional and would cry while reading them.  Well I caved in 2009 and borrowed my graduate assistant's books and became a fan!  haha now I have the entire collection and I love these books.  and YES you will need tissues or something while you read them because you will cry at some point.  His way of telling a story, using words and making you feel as if you are in the person's community and story is just phenomenal.

Nina Levine- Her Storm MC series is smoking hot!  I enjoyed each book and the overall series, but I loved Nash and Blade's two books!  I felt like this was Chaos and Sons of Anarchy blended together in a very hot and feisty world:)

Blogs or Websites I read
Becoming Mrs. (and Mommy) Branham * Celiac and the Beast * Jenna Drew *  Embrace the Adventure * Port City Community Church * Message in a Post * The Organic Bunny

Vlogs I Enjoy Watching


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  2. I have co authored a book with my birth sister, Carole Sanguedolce entitled Two Peas In A Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption. If you are interested in reviewing please check out our Facebook page and message me there. I do not see a "contact us" link on your page or I would have emailed you personally

  3. I wrote a book called, "Surrendering to the Music: 6 Life Lessons Playing Piano Taught Me." It's available in e-book and print formats, and appeals to musicians and non-musicians alike. I'd love it if you would consider reviewing it! My Facebook page is

    1. Gerry~

      I am not sure how, but I missed this post and just saw it! I love the piano. I was fortunate enough that my parents started me with lessons and second grade and the love affair still continues. I would be enjoy reading/learning more about this book!

  4. Dear Meghan Varner,

    I have just published a book of erotica called "Ceremonies". In the past sexuality has been frequently shown as an exotic or gross experience. I wanted to try something new in writing. I intended to depict sexuality plainly but also as a natural thing between people.

    I would like to request a review. I can send you a print book or an ebook. Links to my website, which contains more information about Ceremonies, is:

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    Ceremonies contains a painter’s meditations about his lovers.

    The book includes the sexual part of relationships, instead of pretending it does not exist.

    It is not a traditional novel. It is a collection of lists, descriptions, scenes, short stories, observations, etc. They are numbered and organized into sections.

    Come explore the rituals men and women practice with each other in Ceremonies.

    S. Gray