The Fur Babies

My Babies

Name: Rosebud JurPru Varner
Nicknames: Lovebug, Rosie Posie, Princess
Birthday: June 7, 2009

 Pay attention to me I am 2 years old today!

Someone is now 3!!

Name: Scarlett Honeybear Varner
NickName: Polar Bear, Warlett, Diva, White Rat
Birthday: November 5, 2009

The Diva turned 3!

Name: Ms. Taylor Varner
Nickname: Tilly Taylor, Tator Tot, Tilly Bear
Birthday: May 10, 2011

The Three Ladies

Here is their partner in crime Black Jack..technically my dad's chi, but I also claim him:)

Name: BlackJack Varner
Nick Name: Little Man, Jack, Precious
Birthday: August 1, 2009

All the Chi's that I love..eckk so cute!!

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  1. Scarlett wants a pink satin art deco bed. She told me so.